Sunday, 6 January 2013

Diary Entry

Hello There :)
Every now and then I've decided to do Diary Entries- writing out my day, and pointing out the highs and lows. So here is today's:

  • Got up late (last lie-in before back to school!) as usual. I had porridge for breakfast.
  • Frolloped around (good word I think) for a while, before sitting down for a Roast.
  • Went on my laptop (the usual social networking fun-filled afternoon)
  • Revised for my Biology exam approaching quickly (arrgghhhh)
  • Made beans on toast. (exciting)
  • Back on my laptop.
Over the Winter holidays, I've definitely had a lot of those non-achieving-anything-because-you-can't-be-bothered days. I always feel like a useless blob of nothingness on these days. Perhaps making to-do lists would improve this situation. Anyway, back to school tomorrow, so I guess I need an 'early' night. I've been struggling getting to bed at a normal time recently, as I'm prone to staying up on my laptop, etc. 

Knowing me, I'll go through school tomorrow half-asleep, then get home, feeling exhausted. Then I have 4 more 7-hour-long days of education before the weekend comes around again. I'll stop moaning now. I hope your week goes ok.

Bye for now!  :D

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