Friday, 1 February 2013

My Life As Of Now...

Hey y'all! So this week I've been doing work experience at a local college- working in the drama department. It really gave me an insight into what I might want to do with myself after secondary school. I've had to get up early every day and travel by bus there and back (this is all quite new to me). As long as you get an early-ish bus (before the mad rush of students, etc), public transport isn't so bad.

I had a 3-4 hour snooze when I got back. I needed it. Right now I'm just trying to 'wind down' as they say, and just chill a little bit. I have a few things that need doing this weekend. One of the main things I need to focus on is Homework. (So time-consuming these days). I also have work tomorrow morning... (Yay for a lie-in.. not.) I believe half-term is approaching, which I do look forward to. Sometimes, you just need a break, y'know?

On a tangent, I ordered a 10m string of fairy lights the other day, to decorate my room. I already have some, but I just want to add to the general fun of it to be honest. I like to feel somewhat joyful when I'm in my room. Fairy lights help ensure this.

I hope this upcoming week isn't too hectic, as I don't think I can take too much chaos right now.

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